Professor Massoud Kaviany

Massoud Kaviany

Professor Massoud Kaviany

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Current Lab Members

Fan Lu

Fan Lu (M.S. Student)

Recipient of 2023-24 Rackham International Student Fellowship

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Kyle Krippner (M.S. Student)

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Lorenzo Franceschetti (Ph.D. Student)

2024 NSF GRFP Recipient

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Open Positions

We have open Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral positions for qualified individuals. Send resume to [email protected].

Laboratory Alumni/Alumnae


Hyoungchul Kim–KIST Corey Melnick– University of Michigan Sekwon Jung – Hyundai Motors Hua Bao - University of Michigan and Shanghai Jiaotong University Joint Institute Bo Qiu–MIT Ali Shakouri–Purdue University Paddy Chan–University of Hong Kong Hangjin Jo–POSTECH Baoling Huang-Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Jimin Kim – POSTECH Costas Grigoropoulos–University of California, Berkeley Jader R. Barbosa Jr.–Federal University of Santa Catarina Xiulin Ruan-Purdue University Charn-Jung Kim - Seoul National University Chan-Woo Park-University of Nevada, Reno Jae-Dong Chung-Sejong University Shigeo Maruyama - University  of Tokyo Sebastian Volz-Ecole Centrale Paris Seungha Shin-University of Michigan Alan McGaughey-Carnegie Mellon University Bong Jae Lee-KAIST Vivian Wang - Mrs. Tao Zhuomin Zhang - GATECH, Yong-Xin Tao-University of North Texas Massoud Kaviany-University of Michigan Jayathi Murthy-University of Texas Ab Hashemi-San Jose State University

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Post-Doctoral Fellows and Visiting Scholars

NameDateResearch TopicCurrent Position
Charn-Jung Kim1991-1992Numerical Methods in Heat Transfer with Phase-ChangeSeoul National University Korea
Kotsu Hanamura1993-1994Condensation in Porous MediaTokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Melik Sahraoui1992-1994Premixed Gaseous Combustion in Porous MediaTunisia Polytechnic University Tunisia
Jae-Dong Chung1997-1998Effective Thermal Conductivity of Porous SiliconSejong University, Seoul, Korea
Amir A.M.Oliveira1998-1999In-Cylinder Particulate Filtering and Conversion of PollutantsFederal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil
Scott G. Liter2000-2001Examination of Interatomic Potentials for Molecular Dynamics SimulationsGE Global Research
Yoon-Been Lee2001-2002Diffusion-Reaction in Multi-Length Scale Porous MediaSeoul National University, Korea
Jin-Hyun Nam2001-2003Water Management in Proton-Exchange-Membrane Fuel cellsDaegu University, Korea
Nikolai Sergueev2010-2011Thermoelectric Molecular JunctionsUniversity of South Carolina
Seungha Shin2013-2014Phonon RecyclingUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville
Corey Melnick2017-2018PhonoelectricityBrookhaven National Lab

Ph.D. Students

NameDateResearch TopicCurrent Position
Yong-Xin Tao1989Effect of Surface Saturation on Evaporation RateNova Southeastern University 
Farouk Ben-Ammar1991An Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of the Heat Transfer During ImpactIndustrial Mechanics of Maghrib, Tunisia
Charn-Jung Kim1991A Finite-Difference Method for Phase-Change ProblemsSeoul National University, Korea
Monther Al-Farah1992Film Condensation in Tilted ThermosyphonsMu’tah University, Jordan
Melik Sahraoui1992Slip and No-Slip Boundary Conditions for Porous Plain Media Interface: Hydrodynamics, Conduction and ConvectionTunisia Polytechnic University, Tunisia
Mahmood Fatehi1996Role of Solid-Gas Thermal and Chemical Nonequilibria in Combusting Porous MediaVisteon Corporation
Amir A.M. Oliveira1998Effect of Particle- and Specimen-Level Transport on Product State: Compacted-Powder Combustion Synthesis and Thermal DebindingFederal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil
Scott G. Liter2000Pool Boiling Enhancement and Liquid Chocking Limits within and above a Modulated Porous-Layer CoatingGE Global Research
Chan-Woo Park2000Modeling Thermal Regeneration in Reciprocating, Reacting Streams with Applications in Thermoelectric Power Generation and in Internal Combustion EnginesUniversity of Missouri-Columbia
Alan McGaughey2004Phonon Transport in Molecular Dynamics Simulations: Formulation and Thermal Conductivity PredictionCarnegie Mellon University
Luciana da Silva2005Integrated Micro Thermoelectric Cooler: Theory, Fabrication and CharacterizationInstitute for Technological Research (IPT), Brazil
Xulin Ruan2006Fundamentals of Laser Cooling of Rare-earth-ion Doped Solids and its Enhancement using NanopowdersPurdue University
Baoling Huang2008Phonon Conductivity Metrics for Compact, Layered, Linked-Cage, and Filled-Cage Crystals, Using Ab-Initio, Molecular Dynamics and Boltzmann Transport TreatmentsHong Kong University of Science and Technology
Gisuk Hwang2010Pore-Water and Proton Transport in Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell: Molecular Dynamics and Mon- and Bimodal Wetting Treatments of Mesopore Hydrated NafionWichita State University
Jedo Kim2011Phonon Tuning and Recycling in Photonic Energy Conversion: Atomic-Structure Metrics and ExamplesHongik University in Seoul, Korea
Seungha Shin2013Fundamental Kinetics and Innovative Applications of Nonequilibrium Atomic Vibration in Thermal Energy Transport and ConversionUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville
Hyoungchul Kim2013Tuning Structure and Thermal Evolution of High-ZT Thermoelectrics Using First PrinciplesKorea Institiute of Science and Technology (KIST), Korea
Corey Melnick2017The Phonovoltaic Cell: Harvesting Optical Phonons in Order to Approach the Carnot LimitBrookhaven National Lab
Julio Ferreira2022Control and Enhancement of Saturated Flow-Boiling Thermal Conductance and Crisis with Porous Metasurfaces: Hydrodynamic-Stability and Capillary-Viscous Limit Theories, Direct Simulations, and Experimental VerificationPOLO Labs – Research Laboratories for Emerging Technologies in Cooling and Thermophysics

M.S. Students

NameDateResearch TopicCurrent Position
Melik Sahraoui1988Natural Convection from Disks and RingsTunisia Polytechnic University, Tunisia
Jeffrey A. Rogers1989Dying of Nonhygroscopic Porous MediaBabcock & Wilcox Company
Lawrence Chaney1990A Phase-Change Actuated Microelectromechanical DeviceBabcock & Wilcox Company
Martin J. Reckker1990Dumping of Liquid Nitrogen to Pressures Below One AtmosphereFord Motor Company
Bruce Squires1990Gel Formation in Liquid Nitrogen using HydrocarbonsFermi National Laboratory
Bhupinder P. Singh1991Radiation Heat Transfer in Porous MediaCaterpillar Incorporated
Timothy P. Purwin1992Influence of Gravitational Environment on Cryogenic Liquid Tank Venting and DumpingCalsonic North America
Kelvin Fu1993Thermal Circuit Modeling of Alternators and Experimental VerificationITT Aerospace Controls
Justin MacLaurin1996Heat Transfer Characteristics of Compact CondensersBattelle Columbus Laboratory
David Burgess1997Optimization of Compact CondensersFord Motor Company
Minas Mezedur2000Network Modeling of Washcoat Effective Mass DiffusivityTEKNOROT
Ozgur Karagozuglu2001Design and Fabrication of Thermoelectric Micro-CoolersApplied Materials Inc.
Gisuk Hwang2006Modulated Wick Heat PipeWichita State University
Jedo Kim2008Purging of Dropwise Condensate by ElectrowettingPukyong National University, Korea
Dahye Min2008Capillary Artery-Evaporator Designs for Heat Spreading and Modulated Porous Coatings for Enhanced Pool-BoilingUniversity of Illinois-UC (Postdoctoral Fellow)
Corey Melnick2016Roles of Core-Shell and δ-Ray Kinetics in Layered BN α-Voltaic EfficiencyBrookhaven National Lab

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