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Phonon recycling in LEDs
Student Investigator: Lorenzo Franceschetti

Heat, mass and momentum transport in wet mineral-wool insulation: Experiment and simulations
Student Investigator: Fan Lu

An analytic, slug–deposited liquid film thermal resistance for OHP
Student Investigator: Kyle Krippner

Control and Enhancement of Saturated Flow-Boiling Thermal Conductance and Crisis with Porous Metasurfaces
Student Investigator:
Julio Ferreira

Heterobarrier for Converting Hot-phonon Energy to Electric Potential
Student Investigator: Seungha Shin

The Phonovoltaic Cell and Phonovoltaic Materials
Student Investigator: Corey Melnick

Cage Breathing Lattice Dynamics of Skutterudites for Low Conductivity
Student Investigator: Hyoungchul Kim

Roles of Thermal Disorder on High-ZT of PbTe
Student Investigator: Hyoungchul Kim

Interflake Thermal Conductance of Edge-passivated Graphene
Student Investigator: Seungha Shin

Atomic Restructuring in Interfacial Phonon Transport
with Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.
Student Investigator: Seungha Shin 

Reduced Phonon Conductivity of BaxCo4Sb12 by Phase-Segregation Scattering
Student Investigator: Hyoungchul Kim

Phonon Recycling in an Ion-Doped Laser Crystal (Jedo Kim)

Photon-Electron-Phonon Interaction in Alloyed Amorphous Silicon (Jedo Kim)

Molecular Junction Thermal Conductance (Nikolai Sergueev & Seungha Shin)

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